Megahertz Hannover is a monthly meeting for all woman and those who identify as Genderqueer or Nonbinary organized by the CCC Hannover;

Once a month, the CCC Hannover is reserved for us. We meet there at 7PM on the second Thursday each month. (Map; take the elevator to the third level).

Some of our meetings are internal (for women and those how identify as non binary or genderqueer) and some are open to all creatures. We announce for each meeting whether it is open for all or intern only.

11th of July 2019; 7PM: History and future of a web platform.

We want to create a space that allows us to code, hack stuff, learn, solder, do anything and everything that relates to technology. We are welcome to anyone who identifies as a woman; regardless of skill. Just visit us.

Unfortunaly we are mostly german speakers, so we have a hard time accomodating english speakers without specifically preparing for it. Please DO NOT HESITATE to email us if you are not an avid german speaker, we will be able to arrange something for you! :)